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Dear customers!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our survey. Your opinion and comments are very valuable to us. We will certainly take your suggestions into account to provide you with high service quality.

We are pleased to inform you about results of our prize drawing.

The following winners will get Activation Codes for Boot-Loader v 2.0:

100 days x 3 GB:

  • bilalj
  • dart
  • kecik1843

1 year x 10 GB:

  • akiljamal
  • rommelstingray
  • alis1204
  • labio
  • aliyah

1 year x 20 GB:

  • rvnaina
  • hcrp20


And the following users will enjoy spending their 10 bonuses on shopping at GsmServer online store (1 bonus point = 1 USD):

  • fredinho
  • aboukza
  • goldsmile
  • efrains94
  • tunjay2
  • snakke
  • junioramaya
  • umbabaraumba
  • cordd
  • fasci


Activation codes (5 GB) with unlimited expiration date will be used by the following winners:

  • navin
  • veren
  • sunflower
  • gavi
  • zed888


By Monday, July 4th, all winners will receive their prizes. Activation codes will be send by internal Messaging System at Boot-Loader v2.0 website and via e-mail. GsmServer Bonus Points will be added directly to our user's accounts at http://gsmserver.com and the winners will be informed by e-mail.


Congratulations to all our winners!