What is Register a Device?

To download flash files, you need to have a registered device of the corresponding type (Smart-Clip, SCout, DreamBox and Octoplus). Registering a device means associating its unique serial number with your profile. Devices are registered by means of Boot-Loader Download Manager.

Before you start with Boot-Loader v2.0, please make sure to install drivers to your device. For details, check out the manufacturer web site.
Connect your device to PC.
Start Download Manager. When prompted, enter your Boot-Loader v2.0 login and password.

If your download manager is already open, select Settings->Devices in the top menu.
Download manager scans connected devices and pops up a dialog box.
Click the Register link. The device gets registered.
Go to the My Account->Device Accounts to check the device status and download allowance.
* - To register Smart-Clip, please connect S-Card to a PC via USB.