How do I download files?

To download flash files, you first need to download corresponding Handler Files, then open them in the Boot-Loader Download Manager.
Normally, the download procedure looks like this:


To start with, complete the Quick Start guide.
Log in and go to the Downloads page.
Click your device category.
Find and click the necessary file. On the left of it, you will see two icons,  and .
- If you need to download only this one file, click .

- If you are looking to download more than one file, click . The file will be added to the cart in the right hand column of the page. Find and add all needed files to the cart.

Once you are done, click Download in the right hand column to download the handler files in a user package.
Got it! Now go to Downloads page!
Launch your Boot-Loader Download Manager.
Go to File->Open and select the downloaded handler file. The download of the flash file begins immediately.